I'm still alive

2014-07-09 16:11:41 by Naiyus

Dun worry ill be doing big updates and stuff soon :P


hang tight for a bit til then


2014-02-10 00:32:57 by Naiyus

Check the sidebar for link to my stream! 

Come hang out and chill or whatevs :P



Gotta get movin' along~

2014-02-06 23:46:55 by Naiyus

Damn Splash Mountain song in my head...


Anywho, just a heads up that I've moved from Livestream to Justin.tv, mostly for quality and performance reasons.

I'll try and make posts when I'm live, otherwise I'm just gonna try and be active at night as often as I can.



See you there!


2013-12-04 02:23:17 by Naiyus




2013-03-20 21:12:33 by Naiyus

Today was rough. I can't wait for spring break to start...

Hello NG!

2013-03-19 12:34:44 by Naiyus

Holy crap has this site changed since the last time I was here...

Anywho, I'm Naiyus, and I draw things! I do requests/comissions, as well as livestreams. Be sure to follow my blog or my twitter if you're interested, and I'm always looking for feedback to improve.